Investigating Phenomena: How Do Earthworms Move?

by carolinastaff

Carolina Phenomenon

Phenomena-driven science! Phenomena are observable, naturally occurring events that are everywhere and spark student questions and investigations. Ask students to observe the DCI-linked phenomenon in the video and complete the attached student sheet prior to remote learning discussions.

Observations: Carefully watch the earthworm movement video. Gather all the evidence you can from the video, and write down everything you observe.

Generate Questions: Is there a pattern in the earthworm’s body segments? Is there a relationship between segment contractions and direction of movement? Where does the movement start? Does the earthworm pull or push itself? How does the earthworm’s body structure relate to how it moves?

Research (include sources):

Final Explanation: Use a written explanation, graphic, or flow chart to present your final explanation for an earthworm’s movement.

Dirt Makers: The World of Earthworms Kit

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